Jesse Nicola | Contract Drupal Web Developer


Jesse is by nature a tinkerer. He just can't leave things alone. A lot of other people share this passion though, and it's one of the great joys of the internet that first brought Jesse to the internet: The wealth of shared knowledge. The project session is about Web Development or other Personal projects he wishes to share with the world, in his contribution to what he believe made the internet so great to begin with.

Form API Validaton (D8)

On a trip with coworkers, Jesse was expressing his surprise that Drupal core didn't contain some basic form validators for developers. A coworker then mentioned Form API Validation module. Jesse checked out the module and was instantly impressed by it, but noticed it had a large issue queue and was lacking some basic filtering functionality such as strip_tags and entity encoding. Jesse became a co-mainter of the project, bringing in many patches and fixing many open issues. Jesse later ported over the D8 version of the module, which he still currently maintains.

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Apply For Role (D8)

While working on a complex project involving a lot of custom user management, Jesse stumbled accross the Apply for Role Module. Conceptually, this module provided excellent and vital functionality for a dynamic community website where users needed administrative review and vetting before being able to receive access to particular areas of the site. The module however was severely outdated, with over a hundred issues waiting in the issue queue. Jesse came in and crafted the 7.x-2.x release. Later, Jesse would release the Drupal 8 rebuild himself, built entirely from scratch.

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Google QR Code (D8)

Google QR Code was the first contrib module I wrote in D7. I intentionally chose to create such a simple module for a nice clean introduction to D7. Years later, as I desired to transition into D8 module development, the same simplicity helped ensure a relatively reasonable initial undertaking was available to me. This module is the first contrib D8 module I've written and just like previous experiences moving up from D5 to D6 and later onwards to D7, there's a pretty hefty learning curve in trying to work with Drupal so early in the process.

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Commerce Devel

While working at Commerce Guys, Jesse was tasked with performance testing Drupal on Commerce Guys new hosting platform. The task involved creating millions of products to test how Drupal and held up to the testing. It became quickly apparant that Commerce Devel did not properly implement batch, as there were major memory issues. Reviewing the module, Jesse discovered that instead of just passing an integer for tracking completion, the module pass the operations batch value an array containing one million arrays. Jesse took over maintainership, then proceeded to fix this issue and other similiar issues.

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Commerce Amazon Fulfillment

While working for Commerce Guys, Jesse was tasked with creating a module that would allow for integration with Amazon Fulfillment. Jesse created a module that allows user to flag products for fulfillment with Amazon, along with store their specific amazon fulfillment SKU. This information is submitted to Amazon upon succesfull completion, and follows all of the standards for interacting with the API set fourth by Amazon. The module can also be easily customized for allowing users to choose varying shipping options.

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Commerce Discount

While working at commerce guys, a client requested that some improvements be made to the Commerce Discount module. Jesse helped by writing code providing functionality that allows for taking a % off of shipping discounts, which could either be specific to a particular shipping method, or all shipping methods available.

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Google Store Locator (Drupal)

On a recent projectat Commerce Guys, the Professional services team faced some difficulty concerning customizing the javascript functionality of Google Store Locator. Jesse was assigned the project due to his previous experience with Javascript. Jesse was able to succesfully expand the administrative options allowing users to determine the max zoom level, placing a marker for a users entered location, and allowing for display distance from location in either KM or MI.

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Nodequeue Menu Mapper

On a recent project, Jesse was tasked with creating a way for clients to be able to rearrange content in a viewon a page, while simultaneously altering corresponding menus. After consulting with a variety of people, the answer seemed to be that this required altering the code in multiple locations. Dissatisified with this answer, Jesse took off to create Nodequeue Menu Mapper. In the spirit of Menu Node API (A module mapping menus and nodes in a relational table) this module creates and maintains a relational table between nodequeues and menus. When you arrange content in a menu, it affects the corresponding nodequeue, and vice versa.

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Google QR Code Generator

Jesse was working with a client to help deliver a QR code for content administrators on every single page, and learned that there wasn't a SIMPLE module out there. Modules existed that did everything from QR codes to barcodes, but they required external libraries, a lot of configuration... all against minimal documentation and little clarity. Other modules were dependant upon node fields, which counted on panel pages and views being linked. So, Jesse created a simple solution by writing a module that creates a block which can be placed on any page, and it will output.a QR code as you set in the configuration, linking to the current URL. It's a simple solution for what should be a simple task.

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