Jesse Nicola | Contract Drupal Web Developer


Jesse has been working in Drupal since Drupal 4.7, right as Drupal 5 was coming out. Jesse has got a lot of projects dating all the way back to 4.7 and while some are forever lost to time, Jesse's favorites though are captured here to reflect what Jesse enjoys building. Filters have been added as well so as you can easily look for examples that are the most relevant to Jesse's skillsets.

Acme Tattoo

Pairodime Design Studio was hired by Sirlin Enterprises to take a mock design and turn it into a fully functioning website with a built in content management system. Jesse was brought on by Pairodime Design to help build this project. Jesse developed the content management system, and built the sites look and feel around the mockup.


  • Installation / Setup of CMS
  • Development of site look/feel from mockup
  • Creation of Image Gallery featuers for all four artists
  • Creation of easy to use Content Administrator Interface

Def Jux Presents IV

For this project Pairodime Design was asked to create a Microsite for the new Definitive Jux Presents 4 Album. Jesse was contracted to help develop the page, which was to include interactive elements such as Modal's (See the Custom t-shirt links on the page), SWF Player for short audio clips of all the tracks, and links into e-commerce packages.


  • Creating layout from Mockup PSD
  • Integration of Modals
  • Integration of SWF player
  • Integration of links into E-commerce packages

Depart From Me

Depart From me is renowned underground hip hop artist Cage's latest album on Definitive Jux records. For the CD release Pairodime Design Studios was hired to design the new microsite. Jesse was contracted to take the mockup design and create the live site from it.


  • Took photoshop mockup and created live site.
  • Semantically correct CSS and HTML
  • High profile microsite with large amounts of visitation
  • Layout designed around fan interest (images not backgrounds)

Optimize Technologies

While working at Formations Design group, Jesse was brought in as the lead developer for a Zen-Cart Redesign Project. Jesse was able to redesign the site, and using advanced Jquery coding, deliver a significantly more advanced UX for product selection, and site navigation.


  • Integration of design into Zen-Cart Templating system.
  • Significant custom usage of Jquery to deliver dynamic navigation.
  • Custom Jquery plugin for non-standard product navigation.
  • Custom PHP coding to modify core Zen-Cart functionality.

Pow Gnar (Snowboard Apparel)

This project was a direct work completed entirely by Jesse. Jesse met with Pow Gnar, analyzed their marketing style and attitude, and made a webpage to match their innovative promotion style. The site is a full CMS, and meets all of the clients needs while remaining within their relatively small budget.


  • Complete site design from scratch.
  • Built into a CMS enabling client to update and organize content easily.
  • Features advanced PHPengine themeing to dynamically render content.
  • Unique design quirks meet clients unique approach to marketing .

Mt. Hood Snow Sports

Mt. Hood Snow Sports szs a web page that covers all the different aspects of snowboarding and skiing on Mt. Hood. It has a directory of all the stores in the region, it has featured articles on people and things in the region, it has the weather for the region, and it has a listing of all the events for the region. Jesse developed the site's layout, and functionality


  • Drupal 5 Content Management System
  • Layout + Logo Design
  • SEO layout design and keyword placement
  • Social networking features

Austin M Shaffer Photography

Austin Shaffer contract Jesse Nicola to build a webpage that reflected his photography in all of it's excellent quality. Combining Jquery's supersized plugin with some PHP based templating, Jesse was able to take Austin's conceptualization and initial design into a unique and highly presentable webpage.


  • Custom CMS coded in PHP to allow for ease of content updating.
  • Built in PHP for ease of template updating.
  • Utilizes Jquery Supersized to take advantage of any screen size.
  • Drop down menu's are pure CSS, no jquery or Javascript needed.

Kious Photography

Justion Kious is a snowboarding photographer who wanted a website. Jesse helped justin develop a website that met all of his needs, and featured a content management system so as Justin could make all the changes and updates to the site himself with ease.


  • Drupal 5 based CMS
  • Layout + Design work
  • Lightbox viewing integration
  • Google Analyics setup