Jesse Nicola | Contract Drupal Web Developer


Jesse has been working in Drupal since Drupal 4.7, right as Drupal 5 was coming out. Jesse has got a lot of projects dating all the way back to 4.7 and while some are forever lost to time, Jesse's favorites though are captured here to reflect what Jesse enjoys building. Filters have been added as well so as you can easily look for examples that are the most relevant to Jesse's skillsets.

Capita Snowboards (09/10)

Pairodime Design was hired by Capita Snowboards to take Mockup designs and develop out the 2009/2010 site. Jesse was brought in to help build out the content into a CMS that integrated social networking sites like facebook and twitter. The design was complex, involved a large amount of transparencies, and required great detail to attention in order to make cross browser supported (IE6-8, Firefox, Safari, etc)


  • Installation / Setup of CMS
  • Development of site based upon mockups.
  • Integration of social networking features
  • Cross browser support for many difficult areas (transparency, etc)

Face to Face Tour

Pairodime Design was hired was contracted to take Mockup designs and develop the face to face Tour webpage. Jesse was brought in to help with some functionality tweaks, along with to help with the UberCart E-commerce setup. Jesse also helped important product and ensure all product media was properly imported and setup.


  • Help with assorted layout tweaks as nescessary.
  • Importing Information from Product Spread Sheet.
  • Refining product content type alongside developing product layout.
  • Customizing product media as nescessary for layout and functionality.

Mastercraft Street Grind Tour

Pairodime Design Studio was hired by Sirlin Enterprises to take their (excellent) design and turn it into a fully functioning website with a built in content management system. Jesse was brought on by Pairodime Design to help build this porject. Jesse developed the content management system, and built the sites look and feel around the mockup.


  • Installation / Setup of CMS
  • Development of site look/feel from mockup
  • Creation of Blog, Image Gallery, and other functions
  • Use of SWFplayer to integrate mp3 audio at client request

Sole Position Internet Marketing

Jesse built this webpage for Pairodime Design Studio's partner company, Sole Position Internet Marketing. Jesse was provided a site mockup in a PSD file, and converted it into a fully functioning Drupal 6 theme, including all the necessary styles and style overrides.


  • Drupal 6 Based CMS.
  • Drupal theme created from mockup.
  • Utilizes Views, CCK, and more module sets.
  • Incorporates Jquery plugins.

Elm Ridge Manufacturing

Elm Ridge MFG. contracted Jesse to design and build a webpage that would provide information to potential customers and service as a way for clientele to review status of projects. The result was a site which includes a unique coded project identifier to allow clients to view projects without needing logins. The site also features a layout which works for a wide variety of clients in age and varying degrees of internet knowledge (IE: Generally over 55).


  • Integration of design into a CMS for ease of client updating.
  • Integrates Jquery Thickbox for Login and Paypal modals.
  • Uses Jquery Slideshow with DIV's for top right quote box.
  • Custom code for unique project identifiers removes need for logins.

Jessica Mchagrue Design Portfolio

For this project, Jesse helped Jessica Mchargue turn her design into a full blown online portfolio. Working with a talented designer like Jessica as a web developer means you'll really get the chance to implement many an interesting design element into your creation.


  • Drupal 6 CMS enabling easy addition of content and rearranging
  • Completely custom template with design provided by Jessica
  • Javascript based custom scroll bar
  • jQuery implementation throughout the site.

MP Plumbing

While working for Serverlogic, Jesse was hired to handle Milwaukie Plumbing's new internet marketing strategy. Jesse, working with a graphic designer, designed their new conversion oriented site to take full advantage of paid advertising and organic listing potential to make the most of internet marketing.


  • Managed Project from inception to release.
  • Built in Drupal 6, with a completely custom theme.
  • Uses Conversion based internet marketing strategies.
  • Delivers measurable results to client.

L&M Policy Research

While working for Formations Design Jesse was brought in to help develop L&M Policy Research's new web page. Jesse lead the technical direction by developing the new web page in CSS, and implemented JQuery, and other modern web development technologies to develop a powerful and user friendly CMS.


  • Custom content admin interface to simplify content administration.
  • Integration of design into a CMS for ease of client updating.
  • Integrates Jquery and AJAX/AHA.
  • Completely custom theme.

Sophie Bridal Couture

Jesse Nicola was hired by Sophie Bridal Couture to help develop a web page reflecting the high quality of their hand made dresses. Per Sophie's request, a webpage was built had strong SEO potential, was built in a CMS, has excellent functionality, and also showcased the quality of her hand made dresses.


  • Built using Drupal 6.
  • Jquery Pikachoose integration for image slideshow.
  • Completely original design by Jesse Nicola.
  • Degrades gracefully and SEO optimized.

Cecil Painting

For this project Jesse was brought on by Formations Design to take the layout they had produced, and build it out in a a fast and efficient manner. Jesse integrated Jquery Pikachoose, Jquery Simple Modal, along with a variety of the latest cutting edge SEO techniques to deliver a very powerful yet affordable web page for the client.


  • Built using PHP includes for simplified reproduction..
  • Jquery Pikachoose integration for image slideshow.
  • JQuery SimpleModal integration for contact form.
  • Degrades gracefully and SEO optimized.