Jesse Nicola | Contract Drupal Web Developer


Jesse has been working in Drupal since Drupal 4.7, right as Drupal 5 was coming out. Jesse has got a lot of projects dating all the way back to 4.7 and while some are forever lost to time, Jesse's favorites though are captured here to reflect what Jesse enjoys building. Filters have been added as well so as you can easily look for examples that are the most relevant to Jesse's skillsets.

Scholastic Publishing

While working for Serverlogic Jesse Nicola was brought in to the Scholastic website to help create views, custom views overrides, and delivery advanced custom JQuery functionality. The advanced Jquery involved creating custom drupals views functionality that also tied in to AJAX views queries and combined Jquery animations to keep transitions smooth.


  • Drupal Views Custom Templates
  • Custom JQuery plugin used accross much of the site
  • Advanced views JQuery hooks and callbacks.
  • Drupal Themeing work.

Northwest Lighting Network

While working for The Liquid Agency, Jesse worked alongside other developers on his team to help deliver the NWLN website. It features a wide variety of custom work and a lot of attention to detail. It leverages custom modules for the resource finder, along with custom hook_query_alter()'s on views to deliver three way relationships andgrouping for the resource finder. This site also integrates custom jQuery code and to deliver the client and designers vision.


  • Custom Drupal 7 theme from scratch.
  • Custom content administration created to optimize content admin..
  • Multiple custom modules.

Mission Hills Apartments

Working for EP Properties, Jesse helped develop the Mission Hills apartments website working with Kathreen Moss, an excellent freelance designer Jesse frequently works with. The website was built around enabling a manager at EP Properties to easily and quickly add, edit, and alter all of the content on the website.


  • Drupal 7 site with completely custom theme.
  • Custom jQuery slide show code.
  • Resulted in Google QR Code contributed module.
  • Built around performance delivery of content quickly.

Mission Hills Apartments - Mobile Site

Mission Hills Apartments strongly desired a mobile optimized website to help people interested in their apartments get valuable information quickly. Jesse, in collaboration with graphic designer Katheren Moss created a mobile optimized website that was quick to load, had the information clients were looking for and was simple and easy to work with.


  • Custom Drupal 7 mobile optimized theme
  • Focused on reduced file overhead to vastly reduce load time
  • Resulted in patch contributions to simple_mobile_redirect

Cardenas Motorsports

Looking for an a way to demonstrate some SEO theories, Jesse worked with Cardenas motorsports to deliver a new Drupal multi-site setup. The twist was having multiple domains all ran off a single site (Drupal Multi-site) and a module to swap out keywords based upon which domain a visitor came from. Jesse added in reverse CSS degredation along with a slew of other techniques, and in doing so Jesse was able to assist Cardenas Motorsports in storming to top 3 rankings on google for a variety of critical business keywords in under two weeks.


  • Multiple domains running on a single Drupal install (Drupal multi-site).
  • Custom module to load each page with different keywords based on URL.
  • Completely custom theme using reverse degradation.
  • Sites took top 3 rankings for 5 keywords in first two weeks.

Palatine Public Libraries

While work at ServerLogic, Jesse Nicola was brought in to handle project management and front end development on the Palatine Public Libraries Websites. Jesse facilitated the design integration process, much of the user experience functionality, and other aspects of the site.


  • Integration of design into custom Drupal theme.
  • Custom JQuery coding to handle advanced functionality.
  • Custom module development for data importing and integration.
  • Custom page_process functionality for taxonomy handling.

Grand Lodges Resort Mt Hood

As the Internet Marketing Manager for Mt Hood Skibowl, Jesse was charged with maintaining all of the websites owned and previously developed by Mt Hood Skibowl, which included the grand lodges website. Jesse rebuilt the website in Drupal 7 to allow staff members to be able to easily update and/or modify content as desired.


  • Drupal 7 with completely custom theme.
  • Custom Jquery slideshow on the home page.
  • Full .htaccess 301 redirects from old. html content to new content.
  • Leverages IMCE and WYSIWYG in creative ways to empower content editors.

Medicare -- Home Health Care Usability Study

While working at Formations Design Group, Jesse was asked to help build out a static website that was a mockup of potential features for a potential Medicare web home health care search and compare tool. Jesse had to work with a multitude of technologies to deliver a dynamic environment from static code.


  • Jquery AJAX parsing of flat XML file to achieve dynamic paging results.
  • Integrates Jquery plugins created for the project.
  • Built site from mock-ups into full test environment.

Sand Master Park

Sand Master Park is one of the leading businesses in the sandboarding world, and they needed a website to reflect it, so they hired Jesse (Development) and Jessica Mchargue (Design). Jesse took Jessica's design and integrated it into a Drupal and panels based site to help make keeping the site current an easy task for the client.


  • Integration of design into a CMS for ease of client updating.
  • Integrates custom Jquery for the slideshow
  • Uses @font-face and other custom design elements
  • Panels/WYSIWYG based interface to make content administration a breeze.

Harrahs Express

For this project, Pairodime Design Studio developed the mockup and initial Drupal site. Jesse was contracted by Pairodime Design to contribute to the Drupal themeing and style overriding nescessary to complete the project. Some of the main areas Jesse was responsible for were the Contact section, the front page bottom blocks, and the hotels.


  • Worked with mockup PSD to deliver theme.
  • Style Overrides used to deliver functionality.
  • Creation of customized Node and page templates for content types.
  • Developed contacts section and more