Jesse Nicola | Contract Drupal Web Developer


Jesse has been working in Drupal since Drupal 4.7, right as Drupal 5 was coming out. Jesse has got a lot of projects dating all the way back to 4.7 and while some are forever lost to time, Jesse's favorites though are captured here to reflect what Jesse enjoys building. Filters have been added as well so as you can easily look for examples that are the most relevant to Jesse's skillsets.

Mt Hood Skibowl Winter Website

The flagship website for Mt Hood Skibowl is their winter Website. Over a quarter million unique visitors view the website every month, and they return frequently to get information on the conditions and view them via Skibowl's live web cameras. The website was rebuilt to help deliver content with performance in mind, along with integrating new features (NOAA based automatic weather updates via a custom CMS) and a focus on conversion marketing to help Skibowl track it's SEO and PPC performance. Jesse alone developed this website, from conceptualization to finish release on a Virtual Dedicated Server customized and configured by Jesse himself.


  • Performance oriented use of Drupal optimized on a VDS.
  • Custom PHP application parsing NOAA weather.
  • Structure and content developed with customer conversion in mind.

Mt Hood Skibowl Winter Mobile Website

In an effort to help Skibowl deliver the best possible experience for visitors to their website, a mobile website for the winter site was required. The website needed to deliver the most desirable information while also accounting for the likelyhood that visitors would be in poor reception areas, as the drive up Mt Hood is very rural. A simplie and performance oriented mobile website was nescessary as responsive could not deliver this fast of a page load time with as little HTTP requests as possible. This site also resulted in a custom overhaul and contributed patches to the simple mobile redirect module, as prior to this it was prone to infinite loops.


  • Integration of Drupal, Drupal Mobile Tools, and a custom Mobile Theme
  • Integrates Custom NOAA weather, grooming and operations app.
  • Work resulted in patches for the Simple Mobile Redirect module.

Union Bindings 2009/2010

For this project Jesse was contracted by Pairodime Design to take Mockup designs and develop out the 2009/2010 site for Union Bindings. The site was to built into a CMS enabling the client to take advantage of many web 2.0 features, and also integrated many advanced design techniques.


  • Integration of design into a CMS for ease of client updating.
  • Integrates Jquery and AJAX/AHA.
  • Built out a significant portion of the design.
  • Integration of multiple advanced themeing techniques.

Mt Hood Skibowl Summer Website

As the internet Marketing Manager for Mt. Hood Skibowl, Jesse was charged with delivering content visitors wanted in an effective way. Given the sheer volume of traffic visiting Skibowl, Skibowl needed a CMS that is performance oriented to quickly deliver content visitors desire, along with leverage the latest trends in online marketing. Jesse rebuilt the summer website using Drupal 6 and was able to deliver significantly improved performance and a significant gain in visual impact.


  • Involved in every step of site creation from start to current maintenance.
  • Custom homepage slideshow parses views content passed as JSON.
  • Project resulted in multiple contributed patches to Drupal modules.
  • Setup on a VPS and optimized for high performance content delivery.

Metal Mafia

While working at Commerce Guys, Jesse contributed to the project by helping with various commerce customizations holding up launch of the site. Some of the major tasks included troubleshooting CSV importing, bugs with custom code, and troubleshooting rules relating to commerce checkout. Jesse also helped implement various tools for rendering invoices via email to clients and more.


  • Helped troubleshoot and repair CSV product and product display importer.
  • Helped with various front end tasks relating to responsive site design.
  • Helped with various customer experience customizations such as emailed invoices.

Li-Ning Usa

Jesse Nicola was Contracted by Pairodime design in 2009 to take a mockup layout and build it out into Li-Ning's chosen e-commerce package, which was built in the smart templating system. Jesse built it out and included such features as 360 degree product view for select products, along with jquery tabs and more.


  • Integration of design into Smarty Templating System.
  • Integrates Jquery for tabs, modals, and 360 product view.
  • Built entirely around clients E-commerce choice.
  • Completely Custom Search Box and other unique tricks.

Marin County Free Libraries

While working for Serverlogic Jesse operated as the technical lead on the Marin County Free Libraries project. Jesse oversaw the project from beginning to end, and helped develop custom modules and JQuery functionality for the project. Jesse also flew to Marin to provide training.


  • Jesse Operated as technical lead from start to finish.
  • Integrates custom modules for Library item import.
  • Uses custom panels layouts, and other advanced panels techniques.
  • Integration of multiple advanced themeing and jquery aspects.

St Louis County Library

While working as a technical lead at Serverlogic, Jesse handled building the St Louis County Library from start to finish and helped develop what is now the Serverlogic Library Web Connect product in the process. The site involves custom modules for library item imports, and other custom elements.


  • Jesse served as the technical lead from start to finish.
  • Custom JQUERY functionality throughout the site.
  • Helped develop custom EVANCED import module.
  • Integration of multiple advanced themeing techniques.

Better Bricks - Module Dev and Performance Optimization

Jesse was approached by Liquid Agency to help with a complex task for the Better Bricks Website. The task was parseing a customized RSS feed to deliver blog posts from an external site for linking on the home page. Prior to Liquid and Jesse's invovlement, these blog posts required dual entry. Jesse wrote a custom module with it's own cron task that downloaded the RSS feed, parsed all items while avoiding duplicates, and downloaded the pictures locally (Entering them into the files table) for integration with image cache. Jesse's work avoided the need for any front end styling as it perfectly fit with the content type and views already create. While troubleshooting some minor issues with the site jesse also adjusted the performance settings and panels cacheing to help reduce the sites load time by 50%.


  • Custom Drupal 6 module for parseing an RSS feed and creating new content
  • Gets remote images, stores and enters into the files table (not in D6 core)
  • Performance and cacheing optimization analysis and configuration

Golden Cabinet Physiscian Prescription Web Application

Jesse Nicola was contracted by Golden Cabinet Herbs to help develop a custom web application where Physicians can register themselves, manage their own accounts, and create their own formulas for prescribing to patients. The application involves importing over 5,000 options and creating a simple and streamlined process for creating customized product with a nearly unlimited allowance of combinations of said options.


  • Fully conceptalized and built by Jesse Nicola for Golden Cabinet.
  • Completely custom, from scratch, PHP application.
  • Import CSV file, store in MySQL, make available as JSON to Jquery.
  • Uses Jquery auto complete and other plugins along with custom Jquery.