Jesse Nicola | Contract Drupal Web Developer


Jesse has been working in Drupal since Drupal 4.7, right as Drupal 5 was coming out. Jesse has got a lot of projects dating all the way back to 4.7 and while some are forever lost to time, Jesse's favorites though are captured here to reflect what Jesse enjoys building. Filters have been added as well so as you can easily look for examples that are the most relevant to Jesse's skillsets.


As a contractor for Appnovation Jesse helped with the Iconnectiv project, providing site building support along with technical troubleshooting support. Jesse was tasked with tasks ranging from creating content types and views and capturing in config, to troubleshooting bugs discovered by QA and either finding or creating solutions as necessary.


  • Helped performing site building tasks and capturing in config.
  • Worked to troubleshoot bugs as encountered with D8 modules.
  • Helped implement patches for solutions.
  • Contributed patches for solutions back to D8 community.

Appnovation D8 Release

While working at Appnovation Jesse was brought in to the Appnovation site re-release in a supplemental role. Jesse was tasked with helping troubleshoot bugs and shortcomings encountered with the migration process and creating solutions. Jesse worked with the development team tasked with the website to ensure that the site was fully functional upon release.


  • Created batch process to fix media in body that did not migrate properly from old site.
  • Created custom Metatag solution that read from JSON file to provide meta information for custom pages.
  • Performed various sitebuilding troubleshooting tasks.

Collins Lake Resort

Collins Lake Resort approached Jesse Nicola concerning a new website after their previous website had been hacked. Knowing they were already behind the technology curve, they were looking for a high performance responsive site with a full integration with their online booking partner. Jesse Nicola partnered with Jansen Creative to create a professional site that not only met but exceeded client expectations.


  • Entirely custom module for Barefoot API integration.
  • Responsive site maintaing full functionality accross all devices.
  • Built with a focus on performance optimzation using Varnish, Memcache, and static cacheing Barefoot results.

The Basketball Tournament

Jesse working with another developer at Liquid Agency helped provide all of the intricate back end functionality required by the website. The website features a customized user registration workflow, user invitations, and multiple custom modules to deliver the unique experience desired for the website. Extensive focus was also paid to performance cacheing nescessary for a site running alongside a live television show.


  • Built custom form that on node save creates two different nodes.
  • Customized usage of Drupal flag to track fans following teams.
  • Custom points system with rewards for team benchmarks.
  • Utiliizes varnish, memcache, and lots of focus spent on query optimization and custom block cacheing.

Intel Solutions Alliance

While working as Senior Developer at TNG, Jesse was brought in to take over as the in house lead/senior developer on this project. Jesse helped participate in the early parts of the visual and functional overhaul of the site, and continued onward through deployment and post launch progressive implementation of client services.


  • Large amount of focus on multi-lingual aspects of site and performance.
  • Implemented SSO with client service.
  • Wrote or reviewed all custom code driving new site.
  • Utiliizes Varnish, APC, SOLR, and is a custom configured environment.

University Of Phoenix Internal STEM

Jesse Nicola worked for Appnovation to help release the Science and technologies own internal website for managing news and events with various relevancy to Students, Contributors, and Staff. Access to content based on taxonomy was essential, along with restricting content visibility based on user role and content taxonomy.


  • Participated in various sitebuilding in an Agile development process.
  • Performed various customizations via template pre-processing to meet unique client requests.
  • Helped troubleshoot various issues as discovered by QA.


Reef worked with the Liquid Agency to originally develop the reef site. Jesse came onto Liquid teams as their lead Drupal Developer, and took over maintenace of the site, and the next phase of the project: Internationalization through localization. Jesse helped implement and complete the project and played a key role in the deployment and ongoing maintenance of this large Drupal site.


  • Drupal Multi-site enabling Localization
  • Implements Drupal Commerce for catalog experience.
  • Custom deployment pattern to ensure smooth roll outs.
  • Many complex and unique 3rd party integrations cross site.

We Build Green Cities

The Portland Development Comission wanted a website to help drum up business interest in Portland, and reached out to the Liquid Agency. The liquid agency design a unique, responsive HTML5 Web Application, and it was Jesse's job to help bring it to life. This site is the pincale of Jesse's ability to develop applications using JS, jQuery, PHP, AJAX and other modern technologies.


  • Uses wordpress for content management and entry.
  • 100% custom JS library written to minimum.memory use.
  • Responsive theme and Interface
  • Customized content types and Wordpress post API for returning content by category.

Novus Biologicals R&D Commerce Site

While working at Commerce Guys, Jesse Nicola was the sole developer assisting the Novus Biological team with customizations they desired relating to Drupal and Drupal Commerce. Due to the nature of their various departments and how data could be provided, along with custom SOLR and 3rd party cacheing integration, many unique aproaches had to be taken to help deliver a complex yet highly performant website.


  • Helped develop multiple custom modules.
  • Troubleshot custom internationalization, quick add partial match prompt, and bulk imports.
  • Developed AJAX  functionality to allow cacheing search results despite varying prices.

Collective Impact Forum

The Collective Impact forum is a community engagement resource and discussion forum for the FSG group. The website has to involve users in a variety of different roles and permissions, along with customized and unique functionality. One of the more difficult aspects of the project was a completely custom module build for salesforce integration that allowed for tracking user registrations, resource downloading and more.


  • Custom module for salesforce integration
  • Leverages customized integration of community management modules
  • Utilizes customizations to the flags module
  • Resulted in Jesse taking over Apply for Role module.