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Awesome Web Developer
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Plus All Around Rad Guy

Jesse Nicola is Afraid of Bears
Jesse Nicolas Dog Sable NEEDS pizza!
Jesse Nicola has Never Broken a 100 in Bowling
Jesse Nicola cannot Salsa Dance

Jesse Loves a Challenge

Some people see adversity where others see opportunity. Jesse loves a good challenge and enjoys the chance to progress his skills.

When it comes to web development, things move fast. The needs of websites grow exponentially ever year, and the market for devices isn't going to wait for anyone. You're either in the game, or you're out!

Show me examples!

Data Portability is FUN!

Jesse is all about dealing with interesting and complex data in unique ways. Some of his favorite challenges have involved taking complex non-standard data and making it work for you!

Importing data, storing data, and then making it available via a RESTful API... whatever the challenge, Jesse is on board!

This I've got to see!

Front & Back End Dev

Jesse prides himself in the diversity of his skill sets. Many people choose to focus on just front or back end development, but Jesse bridges that gap. .

Whether you're looking for a front end dev that won't have to limit your design based on a CMS choice, or a back end developer who loves complex data, Jesse is your guy!

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